Tadalis-SX Soft Review: Ajanta Pharma Manufactures Generic Cialis

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Brand: Tadalis-SX Soft

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma

Country of Manufacture: India 

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Review and Description

Tadalis-SX Soft is Ajanta Pharma’s own form of generic Cialis made in India. It is among the erectile dysfunction drugs which are currently making great waves in the pharmaceutical market. It was created to solve problems of impotence which majorly bordered around the inability to maintain an erection. This problem in men appears to have no specific cause as it can be precipitated by most systemic conditions as well as psychological defects. Close to 40% of men, regardless where they come from have experienced it either as a one-time thing or a more permanent disorder. It is fear of the latter that drives people to seek medical care, but they must be sure that it is an isolated defect before it can be treated with erectile dysfunction drugs alone.

Tadalis SX contains Tadalafil which is a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This compound locally on the penile arteries by maximizing the effects of NO on these arteries as a response to sexual stimulation. What happens after is cGMP is activated and the peripheral penile arteries are dilated. When this happens, more blood flows into them making it possible for an erection to be achieved. Therefore, Tadalafil simply amplifies or delays the normal physiological process in men and allows them to enjoy sexual intercourse for a longer period of time.

India has over time, grown greatly in its production and distribution of generic medication. Ajanta Pharma is undoubtedly one of the more prominent pharmaceutical companies taking part in this mass production as it is a large multinational company that is especially invested in the manufacturing, production, and distribution of finished formulas, making it available to the outside world. Ajanta Pharma has created other erectile dysfunction medications not necessarily containing Tadalafil thus this production, Tadalis SX is a sure way to widen the scope of erectile dysfunction medication available to their clients.

Customer Reviews

Several customers have been happy to leave reviews about the drug and its efficacy. Chris said that when he ordered this medication, it was not as expensive, however, it worked well as expected. He then went on to say that in order for him to have the desired effect, he had to use two pills, which is usually contraindicated in the use of erectile dysfunction medication. This brings to question whether the drug is truly potent.

Although John was sure that this brand of generic Cialis was surely not for him and had very little effect, Tann, another user verified that the drug did work after he took it. He said it worked in 48 hours. It was not certain whether it meant that Tadalis SX took 48 hours to work, or its effects lasted for 48 hours. While the latter would be desirable, the former is rather a huge disadvantage to users who may want some quick action.

Pricing and Dosage

Tadalis SX soft is sold at $55 for a pack that contains 120 of the 20mg tablets, meaning one tablet cost as little as $2.18, making it one of the cheapest generic Cialis to be found on the market. With such a price, Tadalis SX costs much less than brand Cialis and also brand Viagra which may cost you thousands of dollars for a large number of brand pills.

Erectile dysfunction medication is one of those medications that users can easily decide to take only when needed because it does not need a strict regimen for it to have an effect

Erectile dysfunction medication is one of those medications that users can easily decide to take only when needed because it does not need a strict regimen for it to have an effect. It starts having effect from within the same hour that it is taken and its pharmacological effects can last for many hours.

How to Buy Tadalis-SX Soft Online

Tadalis SX was not found in certain selected stores. While this does not prove that the drug is not available internationally, it only states the fact that Tadalis-SX is not as popular as one may think, meaning it might be a little tough to come across it on the international online market. It would be a great idea for potential buyers to consider looking for options such as Generic Cialis which is more available online and in more popular shops for as little as what Tadalis SX is sold for. Shipping rates may differ; however, one is not expected to spend beyond $30 for shipping regardless of where it is being shipped from.

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How to Use

Tadalis SX can be taken in orally 30 minutes to intercourse or before then, with lots of water or any juice except alcoholic beverages and grape juice. The recommended dose for optimum effect is 20mg and as the pills already come in that dose, there is no need to double the dose to get the desired effect. The frequency of administration should not be more than 24 hours, even 36, because of how long the effects last in the system.

Side Effects

There is a very short list or rare side effects that are experienced when people use Tadalis SX. These include backache, nasal congestion due to mucosal edema, facial flushing and blurred vision. Some people have complained of rapid pulse, blood pressure drops, headaches and muscular pain. These side effects are usually transient and mild in nature, and a doctor should be alerted should they persist.

Conclusion with Rating

Tadalis SX created in India by Ajanta pharma may not be one of the very potent generic forms of Cialis based on the reviews. While some patients said it worked just fine, others stated that there was a probability that the drug was not meant for them.

Tadalis, containing Tadalafil works by increasing blood flow through a complex system that affects local penile arteries and requires sexual stimulation. Each pill comes with a 20mg and its promised to work as efficiently as the brand counterpart for a far less cost. Attempts to find it online made it obvious that Tadalis SX was not one of the more popular brands of Cialis. Patients might have to try other generic brands that are found in their area.

The rating for this brand of generic Cialis lies at 2 out of 5 because of its poor and uncertain reviews, which places the performance of the drug as average, and its poor availability makes it the less preferred choice. Potential customers can feel free to look elsewhere for more potent drugs.

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