Hemorrhoid Treatment

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Hemorrhoids, though not fatal illness, may result in serious problems in the long run if they are not given due care and treatment. A minor case can be properly handled at home but when suffering extreme pain and discomfort for a week, you need to see a doctor or even get hospitalized. A severe case is manifested by itchy and bleeding hemorrhoids but it is beneficial to learn general knowledge of some simple cases. Stemming from irritation to the swollen and inflamed veins, itchiness usually causes bleeding hemorrhoids.

The problems are often exacerbated by pregnancy and labor, bodily strain, and strenuous bowel movements. Hemorrhoids can be divided into two types: the internal and external ones. Sometimes you cannot detect anything on the outside but the blood goes along with the stool or appears on the cleaning tissue paper because internal hemorrhoids bleed just like hemorrhoids on the external layer of the skin. People without previous suffering of hemorrhoids may mislead that the situation includes a considerable loss of blood and halting bleeding is an effective solution. A successful cure, however, requires understanding of the cause of bleeding and the practices to get away from the trouble.

As we mentioned earlier, bleeding is the consequence of irritated reaction to the swollen veins, an effect of hemorrhoids regardless of their types. The situation may get complicated in circumstances where there is presence of diarrhea, constipation, intense stress or straining possibly from heavy lifting, sitting down or standing too long, and obesity.

It should be noted that the amount of lost blood in hemorrhoids will not be worth worrying about. Normally it comes as blood spotting and hardly causes serious problems. Rarely does heavy bleeding happen, yet if it does, people must immediately seek assistant from medical professionals.

Based on the severity of the bleeding area, people can decide which approach to apply to bring bleeding to an end. Internal hemorrhoids can be treated with over-the-counter suppositories while external hemorrhoids can be solved by creams, ointments, or witch hazel.

In conclusion, people should not feel panic about bleeding hemorrhoids as the issue can be addressed simply and easily.

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