Caffeine And Panic Attacks – Do You Suffer From Caffeine & Panic Disorder!

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If you suffer from panic attacks or from a panic/anxiety disorder then you are most likely already aware that the use of stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or drugs can worsen the symptoms of a panic attack and also up the frequency. This is something many sufferers already know but if we look at caffeine and panic attacks in particular, what is the actually relation between the two and does caffeine affect panic and anxiety as much as you think?

Well, going back to 1997 the CSPI (Center Of Science In The Public Interest) encouraged scientists and public consumer groups to submit a petition to the FDA to make sure warning signs were placed on products with caffeine as an ingredient.

They actually petitioned for manufacturers of caffeine included products to display how much caffeine was in the product. Manufacturers ended up just labelling caffeine as an ingredient on products rather than talking about the amount of caffeine in the product.

Now the CSPI discovered that excessive caffeine within the human body can have adverse affects on our health and although the panic and anxiety attacks were not singled out, having the measures in place of caffeine being displayed on products is only a good thing.

You see anxiety and panic can stem from caffeine. Every single panic and anxiety disorder condition is different and from person to person, the affects of caffeine consumption on their panic disorder will differ.

Caffeine does 2 things that relate to panic and anxiety attacks.

Firstly caffeine being a stimulant interferes with something called adenosine which is actually a brain chemical that helps to calm us down. We all know that panic attacks arise from situations that leave us at the opposite end to calm, so if caffeine is affecting this process within the brain, it is obviously going to lead to more frequent and more severe attacks.

Secondly, caffeine also raises our lactate levels which are a known factor in producing panic attacks. So with our lactate levels on the rise and our calm receptors of the brain being interfered it becomes apparent that panic attacks could be linked to caffeine.

However, there is no REAL PROOF that caffeine does directly relate to panic and anxiety attacks and tests are still ongoing. Every sufferer is different and unique and caffeine will affect each panic disorder separately.

With the early evidence and correlation between caffeine and panic attacks, if you do suffer from panic and anxiety, it may be something to look at in a little more detail to make sure your caffeine consumption isnt harming you!

Your panic attacks can be brought on by many factors and by working out what brings your panic or anxiety on, can be the key to treating it!

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